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What I look for in a pack, is Comfort, Roominess, and Durability- My Bruzergear pack has it all-it is very comfortable in itís design to spread the packs weight throughout my back, has TONS of room and pockets, and it is durable! This zippers are very quiet and hold up! What a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!

Todd Stittleburg
Antler King Trophy Products Inc.
My Bruzer Gear pack was a very intregal part of my hog hunt at the Fowler Ranch in Colusa County, California. The Bruzer Gear mid-size pack is perfectly suited for California big game hunting and the binocular harness and spotting scope case gave me further comfort and confidence in the Bruzer Gear system. The toughness, versatility, and comfort is unlike any pack I've used before and knowing that there is a lifetime guarantee upholds my assurance in Bruzer Gear. I'm looking forward to using Bruzer Gear in all of my future hunts.
Anoop Sagar
Bruzer Gear Field Representative 
I liked Bruzergear Backpacks so much during my hunts over the years. Great product. Light weight and waterproof. I hope you enjoy the backpacks as much as I do.
Chris Stack
You guys have great stuff. I recommend it to all my hunters. Gary Cordes, Cordes Outfitters, AZ
I carried my pack for many, many miles in Alaska this past fall and loved it. I just returned home from guiding sheep hunts in the San Rafael Swell of Utah with Dry Creek Outfitters. We were guiding the two out-of-state hunters, both looking for a grand slam ram. To the best of my knowledge we harvested the two largest rams taken in the North S.R.

I carried your main pack system for at least 40 or 50 miles and it is the most comfortable pack I have ever used. We only had to pack my hunter's ram about a mile and a half, but I carried most of his ram myself in one trip with your pack. In the photo my pack probably weighs 90-100 lbs and although I was tired when we reached the trucks, I never had to stop. The weight in my pack was heavy, but comfortable to carry. I have several more hunts lined up this winter and there is no doubt what pack I'll be carrying! Thanks, Gino Wullkotte, AZ

I have used just about every pack out there and sold many of them to other hunters through my business. Bruzer Gear is by far my favorite. I can't believe how versatile this pack system is. I love being able to attach all the accessories and pack out my meat. Finally there is a pack that seems to have everything that I have always wanted in a hunting pack.
I just returned from my Alaskan moose hunt and your bag performed perfectly. I backed packed for several days outside Yakutat in an area called Icy Bay and got this terrific 60" Moose. Your back pack kept everything dry and easily accessible. I actually got a laugh when the outfitters gear and contents were soaking wet when he retrieved them from his backpack. All of my gear stayed dry in your pack. Thanks for a great product.

Tony (New Jersey)

My guides and I love Bruzer Gear! Keep up the good work. Wes Atkinson, Atkinson Expeditions, CO
" Here at The Outdoor Journal TV, we only use those products we deem as the best of the best. We trust only Bruzer Gear when it comes to packing in our camera gear or packing into a remote area in the pursuit of monster whitetails and only recommend these packs to those who want the best and who want their gear to stay dry no matter what the weather may be."
Chris Tripp

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