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Mid-Sized Pack (2700 cu. in.)

Price: $229.99


This pack is the perfect size for all day trips or even over night stays when you have to pack more gear but don't want to over do it.

The compression straps really help control the load and can suck the pack in small and tight when you aren't carrying a full load.

This is one of our most popular packs with mule deer and elk hunters. Many of our customers have even boned out a whole deer and taken all the meat, cape and antlers out in one trip with this pack.

The fabric on this pack was specially designed for hunters with its layers allowing it to be tough and durable as well as waterproof and quiet. It has a high definition camouflage print that breaks things up in a variety of terrains.


  • comfortable padded straps and waist belt
  • internal frame suspension
  • attachment areas for accessories
  • removable waist belt and frame bars
  • organize all your gear with tons of pockets
  • lined nicely to carry out meat
  • compression straps to secure gear and antlers
  • tough, quiet, waterproof fabric


  • capacity: 2700 cubic inches
  • weight: 3lbs
  • color: Graywolf Concealment



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